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For some people, booking a live band can be quite daunting so here’s a few questions and answers for you. If there’s anything else you wish to know then please call Gill on 07800 599301 or email

Can I pick which songs the bands will play?

Most party bands prefer that you select the songs from their play list which you definitely do and don’t want, then leave them to structure your choices into a workable order. They will need to consider many variables in order to ensure their sets flow well and the singer will probably want to avoid having certain songs side by side. Feel free to make an input but let the band bring their considerable experience to bear when finalising the actual play list for the evening.

How long does the band/artist take to set up and how much space will they need?

If the band has good access to your venue (EG: no lifts or stairs, no more than 100ft to wheel their equipment) they should be able to load in, set up and sound check within 90 minutes maximum. Many bands can do this in 60 minutes. If your event is running late and you’ve arranged for the band to set up after speeches, they will still need the same amount of time to set up. This allocated set up and sound check time is vital for the band to properly connect their equipment and get a good sound. Allow an absolute minimum of 1 meter across per person, but ideally 1.5 meters across per person. Allow 2 square meters for a drummer. EG: A 4 piece band with drummer, bassist, guitarist and vocalist will need an absolute minimum of 3 meters wide by 3 meters deep.

How do I make a booking?

Firstly, select the entertainment you’re interested in and either submit an online enquiry or give us a call on 07800 599301 or email We’ll discuss your requirements and get a confirmed quote directly from the artist. Once you’re 100% happy that the artist is right for you, we’ll issue a booking contract to you and the artist. You then pay a 10%non-refundable deposit which can be made by direct payment into the bank, BACS/CHAPS or by cheque. The balance can be paid either two weeks before the event via the same method as the deposit, or you can pay the artist cash on the night.

What security do I get if I book one of your artists?

When you book live entertainment with Electrifying Promotions you get a comprehensive booking contract. This contract legally binds the artist to perform at your event, it confirms exactly what the artist will provide and at what times and it also binds the artist to provide a high quality of service and behaviour. This contract is legally binding and cannot be cancelled unless someone dies or is seriously ill. If one of the artists is seriously ill or injured, Electrifying Promotions will make alternative arrangements. This could include arranging an alternative artist or helping the band to replace an injured member. Your appointed entertainment coordinator will also be on hand to help with any questions or queries up to and after your event.

What if I need to cancel or re-arrange?

The 10% deposit you pay is non refundable. If for some reason you need to cancel the event, the fees are explained below. The cancellation fee compensates the band for loss of income. Therefore, they do not include expenses, fuel or travel costs. Bear in mind most people book 6-9 months in advance of an event, so if you need to cancel within this time frame, it’s unlikely that the artist will be able to secure another booking. If you are able to reschedule the event and can sign a new contract immediately, some artists may waive any cancellation fees due. If the artist is able to find another booking for the same date, they are only entitled to charge cancellation fees for losses incurred. Calculation of cancellation fees works as follows:

i) If you cancel after 48 hours of placing your booking and up to 2 weeks before the event, loss of deposit plus 50% of the remaining balance would be due to the artist.

ii) Within 2 weeks of the event, loss of deposit plus 100% of the remaining balance would be due to the artist.


Can I see the artist live before booking?

Some of our bands do pub and club gigs as this gives them an opportunity to try out some new songs in-front of an audience so please check their website for their gig guide. Please note though that these gigs tend to be more informal and usually very casual and the band tend to have some of their friends in the audience. All our bands will dress smartly for a private function.

Can I speak to or meet the artist?

Once you’ve booked, the artist will contact you in the 3 weeks leading up to your event to discuss the finer details, ensure your requirements haven’t changed and finalise song preferences etc. If you need to speak to the artist before this it can be arranged but most liaisons before this point should be made via Electrifying Promotions. We work on the artist’s behalf and this helps to ensure everything is properly noted on your enquiry/contract and not forgotten! Most artists will not make site visits as they are not necessary and they do not charge enough money to be able to afford to give up a day to do so. If there is an extraordinary circumstance which demands a site visit, it can be arranged and a fee would more than likely be charged to cover time and travel.

How loud will the band be?

The minimum level a party band can set their equipment to is so that the other instruments and vocals can be heard above the natural volume of the drum kit. This varies from band to band and from style to style. In modern pop/rock music, the drums are played in a lively, strong and energetic fashion. Therefore, rock/pop bands are relatively loud. Relative doesn’t mean much unless it’s in context. We’ve established that most party bands are going to be ‘quite’ loud and this would mean that if you are on the dance floor in front of the band's PA system, it would be difficult to talk without having to speak directly into someone's ear. However, unless they are at the peak of their set and playing a highly energetic song, you would expect to be able to talk with a raised voice 20-30 feet away. In ALL circumstances, an Electrifying Promotions band should adjust the volume to suit you, but bear in mind that they will only be able to adjust the volume to the natural level of the drum kit and this may still sound loud for very elderly guests. If you have any concerns about elderly guests, consider a swing band or rock n roll band as these should be slightly quieter than a standard rock and pop function band. In our experience, at weddings and parties it’s the grandparents who dance first, longest and hardest so don’t worry too much!

How is it best to time things?

The band's performance times are important in making your evening flow properly, and we are totally flexible with this, although we prefer that our performance doesn't happen at the same time as the buffet or anything else you may have planned at your event. We also recommend that our second set is timed so that we play for the last hour of the event, as the dynamic of the performance works really well in this format, and creates a finale effect at your party.

How long is your performance?

Generally the night is split into 2 x 45 minute sets. However, if you would prefer 3 sets, we can either do 2 x 45 minutes and 1 x 30 minute at the start of the evening, or 3 x 30 minutes sets. Breaks in-between as standard.

What music is played before and between sets?

We can book a DJ package if required, just ask when making your enquiry. Otherwise people like to play their own music via a device or laptop, which can be played through the band's Amp. If you want the band to provide music between sets, please let us know in advance but please note that requests cannot be made.

Do you have any specific requirements?

Our artists do not have specific requests but if you can offer a room in which to change, something to eat and drink prior to the first set it would be appreciated.